Four Injured After Bakkie Crashed Into Several Pedestrians At Shopping Centre

ER24 Paramedics attended this accident scene.


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Four people were injured this afternoon after a bakkie crashed into several pedestrians at a shopping centre on De Beer Road in Somerset West in the Western Cape.

ER24 paramedics, along with various other services, arrived on the scene and found the pedestrians surrounded by numerous bystanders. The bakkie in question was found parked a few metres away.

Paramedics inspected the pedestrians and found that two of the five had been injured in the collision. Paramedics assessed the two patients and found one woman with numerous injuries, leaving her in a critical condition.

The second patient, a man, was found with only moderate injuries to his arm. Paramedics treated the patients and provided the critically injured patient with advanced life support interventions. Two other patients were found on the scene.

Both these patients had been on the back of the bakkie at the time of the collision. Both the patients were assessed and found to have sustained minor to moderate injuries.

All the patients were later transported to Busamed and Paardevlei Hospital for further treatment. The cause of the collision is not yet known but local authorities were on scene for further investigations.