Business Opportunity: Agents Required

Become 1 of 2500 Independent Agents of Search SA

SA's Local Search Engine has a Current INCOME POTENTIAL of R195 million for every 5 days. A Total INCOME Potential of R1.17 Billion per month if all our Products & Services are Fully used.

NOW! Are you Sceptical? Did that trigger something in your Mind?

If not, continue searching for a Job & remember to update your CV otherwise you might battle to find a job in SA. Goodbye!

For the rest of you, IF YOU EAGERLY WANTS A PIECE OF THIS CAKE, I would love to share ALL my Secrets with you. Did you know that most people are sitting on Gold without knowing it. If you put aside 10 minutes of your time NOW & you listen to what I have to say, it could & would change your life forever. If you feel that 10 minutes is a bit pushing it... Get out now!

My Success starts where? To Motivate & to have the ability to sketch the exact vision to a person or a crowd of what I want to accomplish in my business & what benefits there is awaiting them, that is my philosophy & where success starts for me.

I'm a person who made mistakes in Business as well as in Life, I've lost countless pennies on Stupid mistakes, BUT if I look back on my road of wheeling & dealing in Business, I surely see a lot of people still operating on the structures & winning secrets, I have taught them.

WHY is This? Surely because whatever I taught them, is working for them. Take an example:

The SA Local Search Engine has a POTENTIAL INCOME of R1,17 Billion per month. I could just as well go and tell everyone about this, AND NOT DO anything about it. POTENTIAL INCOME becomes only valuable if you MAKE it valuable by DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Does this make sense? I thought so. What the freaking hell would I do with R1,17 Billion rand per month. NOTHING, because I would have everything. So this is the reason I decided to give 2500 people the opportunity (or privilege) to make it BIG in life & in the same time, enjoy life.

Become a part of South African History Now because SA’s Local Search Engine would be the 1st of its class in South Africa ever where 2500 & more “jobs” are created instantly.

(Take the time & go do some homework on what the difference is between a Search Engine & Online Directories/Stores.) There's a huge difference & many people will give an Online directory the title as a Search Engine where it’s NOT even in the same Category.

It’s like walking up to the tea lady and address her by saying: “Excuse me Mrs MAYOR of whatever Town, would you mind making me some Irish Toffee Coffee. Then she’ll reply: “Sorry, NOT FOUND, there is no such thing in my database.”


- There's only 2500 opportunities available.

- There's 52 million people in SA.

- In SA, There is 2.5 million registered Small businesses, which gives us a minimum figure of 1000 potential clients to each & every Opportunist for this Life changing Project.

So I’ve done your first homework for you. If you invest or buy into our opportunity, 1 of the first questions you ask is: How much money can i make. Your answer is simple. From the minute you grab this opportunity, you have a potential income of R50,000 (this is calculated on 1 of the many products the Search Engine offers)


The R250 pm. What am I paying for?

You need to be a Registered PISA Licence holder and the registration fee is R250 per month. If you fail to pay your R250 registration fee you forfeit your earnings for that month. Everything works on a computer system which does not allow ANY late payments. If your debit order comes back unpaid or you neglect to make payment, you will NOT get your 50% for that given month, for this is a PAID for Opportunity to make money. How can we pay your half if you did not even pay your registration, so if you know that you not making payment, don’t bother making deals for you will instantly lose those client base.

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