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If you own a Business and a website it is time to consider a Mobile App for you business, that is if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Search SA will create an Android App for your Business & Published It To Google Play. All you need is a Responsive (mobile optimized) Website.
STEP 1 - SELECT PRICING PLAN: Choose your Payment Option and hit that button (either Once-off Payment or Month-2-Month Option). STEP 2 - PROCESS PAYMENT: Process the payment with your debit card, credit card or Paypal. STEP 3 - SUBMIT APP DETAILS: After making Payment, you will be redirected to our App Form. Kindly fill in the App Details and submit the Form. STEP 4 - 24-HOUR APP-READY: On average, we publish apps within 3 hours after we received an order. To play safe, your Android App will be ready & published in Google Play Store within 24 Hours. APP FEATURES: Your Android App will have the following features build in: LOADS FASTER: Your Android App will load faster than what your website loads in a normal mobile browser which improves your overall user experience. SELF-UPDATING: Your Android app are directly synchronized with your website and keeps itself updated of any changes made to your website. NO ADS FROM US: Your App belongs to you and we do not run our company ads on your app. You are welcome to Monetize your app if you like - We'll assist you with that too. SMALL IN SIZE: Your App users will have no problem in downloading your app - most of our apps are optimized and under 3MB in size. YOUR OWN BRANDING: Setting a digital fingerprint with your own branding is very important. All the Branding in the App will be your own which also includes the Start-up / Splash screen. FREE PUBLISHING TO GOOGLE PLAY: We will Publish your App to Google Play Store absolutely free of charge. Either from your Google Developer Account or from ours.
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