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How to Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling on Android

Howzit all Android'ers. Up until now, we used Whatsapp to Send and Receive Messages, Videos, Images and even voice recordings that we could send between friend also using the Whatsapp App.

But Now it added a new feature which is the Calling feature. The Calling feature is by far the most-awaited-feature of Whatsapp! We will help you to Enable Whatsapp Calling on your Android Device. This only works on Android.

whatsapp calling feature

How to Enable the Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature on Android!

Step 1:

Download the Latest Version (The latest version is 2.12.23.) of Whatsapp.

This is safe to click here (

Step 2:

Next, Install the App onto your Android device and it will automatically Add the Calling Feature to your Android.

Step 3:

Finally, go to your Contacts and find a friend who has enabled Calling feature AND click on the Call button there. Simply tap on it and start making voice calls. Please Share this Information with Friends

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How to Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling on Android