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WhatsApp Leaked Images

Coming Soon or maybe later in 2015...

WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature

Android World Blog leaks some images of WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Features. They stated “We were curious, since we in selecting information on the web version of WhatsApp lot of information encountered in the installation of the WhatsApp application for Android on calling via WhatsApp. It is about images but also text and application layouts.

We have the available information and images combined in a number of screenshots.”

Leaked Images of WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature.

5712a4be91a7c7174c849cb0953b69a1.jpg aee51ec2b1aeb23497b660c3fc87479a.jpg 

3d97ba2ff883953f41718029de51bb73.jpg c924ddee202db4b94afad78ac098c2a2.jpg

These images proved that Voice Calls are being tested on WhatsApp & that we can expect the FREE WHATSAPP VOICE CALLS FEATURE during 2015.


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WhatsApp Leaked Images