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X-Local SA Admin wrote
I have an Acer Extensa Laptop. My keyboard is not working, won't type letters or numbers but when I press on the keyboard it makes a sound.

The function keys still work. I tried using another keyboard and it gives the same problem. My keyboard driver is up to date, I tried to uninstall... see more and reinstall it.

My mouse is also not working properly when I click on a file it doesn't open the file, it makes a shortcut file instead.

And when I'm online I can't open anything when I click on it. When I click on a link it doesn't open, it downloads a html file instead.

What could be the problem?
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All Maids added new site — All Maids is a professional domestic and commercial cleaning services franchise throughout Gauteng, South Africa.    All Maids offers home owners and businesses the most comprehensive cleaning services that include maid services, house cleaning, office cleaning, windows cleaning, carpet cleaning, fl…
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