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South African cultural black dolls that African girls can identify with.

Ntom'bentle Dolls is the concept and creation of Molemo Kgomo. She brought the range into the market in 2005 after identifying the lack of pretty black dolls in the market which her daughter could relate to. Little did she know that in addressing that she would be answering the call of millions of other moms around the world who wanted their children to have dolls that represented them.

The dolls are beautiful girls as their name states. They have beautiful brown skin, brown eyes, short hair and curves. This is typical of a South African little black girl. They are 36cm tall. In addition they celebrate the heritage of each of the South African cultures.

They are dressed in apparel representing the following 8 South African cultures:

They are currently priced from R260 each.

The goal with Ntomb'entle Dolls is to provide little girls with a play doll which they can see themselves in and therefore start the process of redefining the definition of beauty in South African girls.

The dolls can be played with by all races, as we see with white dolls. We believe that they will help to foster tolerance, understanding and friendship between children of different cultural backgrounds. We live in a diverse country and have much to celebrate!

Future developments on the range will be to include change of clothes, introduce the Tswana doll and launch a more modern dressed doll.

For more information on getting your hands on one of these beauties,
Mail: [email protected]

A re hlokomeleng ditso tsa rona!
Zulu dressed dolls
Xhosa dressed dolls
Venda dressed dolls
Tsonga dressed dolls
Pedi dressed dolls
Ndebele dressed dolls
Swazi dressed dolls
Sotho dressed dolls


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Ntom'bentle Dolls SA Cultural black dolls