Be The Gift You Bring!Be The Gift You Bring!Be The Gift You Bring!


Welcome to the Official Ad Group for The Western Cape. This group is open for anyone to join.


ALL posts, ads and activity in this group, Must be for the direct benefit for the Western Cape. The main objective of this group is for you to Promote your Western Cape Business, website, blog etc...

For those of you who have your own websites | X-Local SA will soon have its own Share Icon which will enable you to Post, Share and Promote articles directly from your website.

I trust that you will enjoy this group and most importantly benefit from it.

Thank you, Admin


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God is Good... All the Time
X-Local SA Admin
Love one another!
Wouter Joubert
God-is-Good. All-the-Time.
Cherise CJ Joubert
Only Local South Africans allowed... Great Policy - Love it!!!
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