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JOHANNESBURGGift of the Givers head Imtiaz Sooliman said the foundation has received with shock the news about the passing of Pierre Korkie.

Sooliman confirmed Korkie’s death on Saturday.

He said the South African school teacher was killed in an attempt by American Special Forces to free hostages in Yemen on Saturday morning. 

“We are in shock. Everybody is so traumatised and affected by what has happened. Pierre became a household name in South Africa. He became (part of) a family of 45-million people. Now right at the time when he is about to come home he is killed,” said Sooliman.

Pierre and his wife, Yolande, were kidnapped by Al Qaeda militants in Yemen in May 2013.

Yolande was released in January 2014. Al Qaeda had demanded more R30-million in ransom for Pierre’s release.

Gift of the Givers said Pierre was to be released by Al Qaeda on Sunday.

“We had everything in place to make possible arrangements to bring back Pierre. Two days ago we told Yolande that Pierre will be home for Christmas. Yolande was excited. Then an hour ago we got a call saying Pierre is no more. Yolande is in a total state of devastation,” said Sooliman.

Source: eNCA


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Breaking News | SA hostage Pierre Korkie killed in Yemen