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Eskom dismisses hoax about an electricity blackout

04 June 2015

Pretoria - Eskom on Thursday dismissed the resurfacing of a viral statement about an imminent blackout in the country.

The statement said it is a malicious hoax aimed at creating unnecessary panic.

“The power system is currently stable, and there has not been any need to implement load shedding in the past seven days. Consumers are however, urged to continue to use electricity efficiently in order to minimise the risk of load shedding. This is particularly important as we are currently experiencing cold weather across the country,” said Eskom’s Acting Chief Executive Brian Molefe.

In April, government joined Eskom in dismissing a hoax statement which was going viral alleging that Eskom has notified government in a special meeting that the national power grid could possibly crash and plunge South Africa into darkness for over two weeks.

In its statement issued on April 9 this year, government said: “South Africans are assured that the country’s energy challenges are receiving priority at the highest level to resolve the situation. The message regarding Eskom is not true and is meant to create unnecessary panic". -


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Eskom Blackout Hoax