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5 People shot at Chris Brown Bash 2015
CALIFORNIA - In an incident that was captured on video by several attendees, five people were shot at a Chris Brown club performance on Sunday morning. According to Uniladmag, the party which was held at a San Jose club, was in honour of one of Brown's managers. Brown was onstage, performing his hit song "These H**s Aint Loyal", when gunshots rang out sending the crowd into a panicked frenzy. In video footage from the scene, patrons can be seen ducking from shots and hurrying to exit the venue. It was reported that there were were no fatalities. Several people were taken in for questioning by police. Brown is scheduled to perform in two well-publicised arena concerts in the South African cities of Johannesburg and Durban in April.


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Cherise CJ Joubert
Only Local South Africans allowed... Great Policy - Love it!!!
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12.01.2015 (2034 days ago)
5 People shot at Chris Brown Bash 2015