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Police Brutality at Honey Dew Police Station
Real Life Story: Please share this everywhere!!!!! My friend was pulled over last night by cops and was threatened.. they wanted to arrest her and told her she thinks she is privileged cause she is white!!!!!!........ they made her draw R2500 to let her go.. she was not drunk or even over the limit.. they took her phone, drivers license and shoes and told her they have her ID number so they can find where she lives..... Therefore out of fear she drew the money... I went to Honey Dew police station where a man sitting in the commanders office confirmed there was an earlier road block.. I asked that vehicles must be tracked so we can see which vehicle stayed behind hence we will find the officers responsible.... another officer responded (man in video) to say all JHB Police vehicles have not been tracked for the last 3 months... I asked for his badge number so I can escalate what he has just told me.. he refused.. I then turned on my video camera and this is what happened next!!!!!


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06.12.2018 (413 days ago)
Police Brutality at Honey Dew Police Station