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1. What is Longrich


2. How we get paid weekly


3. Our incentives


4. How to move up diamond ranks


5. How to join




  1. What Is Longrich Bioscience?



  • It is an Asian multinational company which manufactures Health & Beauty products and has been in operation for over 30 years. 



  • The company manufactures various products for a number of well-known multinationals, like Woolworths, GSK Pharma, Unilever, Nike, Massmart etc.



  • Long Rich has over 2000 products from eight different categories such as: 


Cosmetics, Health care products, Household equipment, Furniture, Real Estate & Logistics.




  • Longrich is known for product quality, that’s why they manufacture products under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)




  • The company has been in existence for more than 30 years. 




  • They currently own hotels, universities and they contribute 30% of their profit shares towards the economy of China.




***So relax we talking about a Giant here***






  1. How Do We Get Paid Weekly?






  1. Referral Bonus

  2. Performance bonus

  3. Development bonus

  4. Leadership bonus

  5. Maintenance bonus












  1. Referral Bonus




  • For new member u sponsor u receive R500 each (when you join with the R2500 Evergreen promotion) – Ending in June




  1. Performance Bonus




  • It is paid on your 2 weak legs and it is based on your entry level.




Entry levels


i.  Stock of R1500 = 8% - Platinum Member


ii. Stock of R2000 = 10% - Gold Member


iii. Stock of R2500 = 12% - Silver Member




Let's do the Maths




Let's use leg A, B and C as an example. 


Get your calculator. You will do the calculations.




Let's assume Phindi is currently on Platinum (12%) and she has 3 legs:




A = 2000pvs


B = 3000pvs


C = 500 pvs




That's her weekly performance.




In this case - leg A and leg C is considered to be her weak leg for that particular week.




Therefore, your performance bonus will be derived from leg A and C




2000 + 500 = 2500 what is 12% of 2500?




Its 300




300x10 = R 3000




Your performance bonus for that particular week will be R 3000.




Question will be *why do we multiply with 10




We could have used 14% which is our current exchange rate -however because the exchange rate fluctuates every day the company decided to use a standard rate which is 10.




  1. Development Bonus




  • Development Bonus is set at 10%. How do we calculate that?




  • What is 10% of R3000?




  • It is R300




  • Therefore, your performance and Development Bonus = R3 300








  1. Leadership Bonus




My favourite




  • Leadership Bonus is based on your sponsored Tree.




  • Let's say I have introduced Karabo into the business 




  • Shubie earns R20 000 per week.




  • My leadership bonus will be 10% what Shubie earns every Friday generation and 5% of her 1st generation.




  • Which means I will get 10% of R20 000




  • And let's assume Brian is her 1st generation with of an income of R15 000. Then it means I am entitled to 5% of R15000




  • Leadership Bonus is up to 45% ( *WEALTH CREATION*) so the more you recruit an place under ur team. They more money you will make.






  1. Maintance Bonus




4.5% of what your existing team bought. 




E.g. Let’s say 2000 team members




Each maintain their 30PVs




2000 team × R500(30PVs) =R1 000 000




Your maintance bonus will be 4.5% of R1M




= R45 000 on that particular month






Easy. 5 ways in which we make money at Longrich. 




  1. Our Incentives








We have the following Incentives




  • International trips (3 per year) 2018 we have Dubai, Hollywood and China


  • Car Incentive (600 000)




  • Scholarships (up to 4 kids)


  • House incentive (house worth 1.5 million)


  • China is our Global Rally 


  • D5 upwards we all going


  • D7 upwards they get rewards 

  • Cars; Vouchers; Houses




Our Car incentive is 700 000




  • You give 14 months from the day you joined to get to D7 to get all of it

  • At D5 you will get R55 000

  • At D6 you will get R300 000

  • At D7 you will get R300 000






  1. How Do We Move Up the Market Plan?




  • Stock of R2500 is 120PVs

  • Stock of R1500 is 60PVs






     Let’s use a Scenario of people joining with R2500


  • You need 5 people to be D1You need 14 ppl to get to D2

  • You need 30 ppl to Get D3

  • You need 100 ppl to be on D4

  • When ur 100 get their 3 its D5






  1. Joining Longrich




  • Free to join


  • After registering u choose stock package that you afford, then purchase ur first stock to activate membership 




  • Recruit ur 3 then teach them to do the same




  • DONE








1. Registration form information




2. Your proof of payment












*ACCOUNT 62320383368*


*BRANCH CODE 254605*


Ref: your full names


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