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Bettye Tabicas
I was born on October 25, 1955 in Dist. of Columbia. I lived in Brookline for some years. While staying in Brookline, I went to Dexter School. I studied there through 5th grade. I later moved to Bronx, New York in 1974. During this time, I was a scout. In 1971, I got an appendency after attending the Canterbury School in Connecticut. In September, 1970, I went to the Chocolate School for 10th through 12th grade. Later in 1939, I relocated to Europe to pursue Medicine at Harvard University. I studied there for six years and after getting my first degree I went back to Massachusetts. After completing my education, I married Jacqueline in September, 1982. Since then I have been living with my family as I pursue my medical profession. Agency Air Conditioning Repair
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