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These Terms & Conditions were Last updated on: 13 April 2015

By submitting your website to Search SA, your site will be reviewed & indexed on SA's Local Search Engine. Your website, blog or URL's must be for the target market of South Africa. Search SA commits to offer the South African Consumer a Local Search Result with Local South African Businesses & websites for all business search queries. Search SA reserves the right to index also websites NOT from South Africa, should the website be of value for the SA market. Please read the terms & conditions below before you submit your site to us. You will be informed via e-mail or computer generated SMS, after reviewing your site, whether your site is accepted or not.


Please verify the following T&C’s before you proceed:

After your site has been reviewed and accepted by Search SA, it will become searchable via the Local Search Engine. By submitting your site to us, you also grant us permission to promote your website and/or any of your webpages and/or the content thereof. These type of website promoting is absolutely free of charge. Search SA is under no circumstances obliged to promote this kind of free service, but if such promoting arises, you will not be liable for any expenses whatsoever.

Please note that sites must either be based in South Africa or the site must be promoting a product that you can purchase all over SA or the site & its topic must be related to South Africa. Non-Local Business sites will NOT be listed on Search SA (this excludes informational or travel sites, news, sport etc...)

Tip to Site owners: Make use of the best possible keywords / Meta tags possible. Your site title must also be accurate NO SPAMMING or spamming attempts will be tolerated & such sites will be removed and will be listed on our Spam-Free Internet Page.

Search SA reserves the right to withdraw a listing/submission/site, move a listing or even not to index a site for any reason whatsoever.

There is four (4) submission packages you can choose from:

Bronze Submission (R50.00 per month)

Silver Submission (R100.00 per month)

Gold Submission (R200.00 per month)

Platinum Submission (R300.00 per month)

Search SA reserves the right to list / index data or not. All submission forms must be completed in normal sentence case. Excessive use of punctuation marks, capital lettering, symbols or smileys, will not be accepted.

Search SA accepts domains ending with ( for it’s the legal & known domain for South Africa. Other domains will also be reviewed for acceptance.

FREE Websites such as or, will also be accepted for indexing into Search SA, as long as the website content and location or contact details are off South African origin.

All submissions is subject to a continues monthly fee, depending on submission package you choose. Payments are made 30-days in advance. First payment will be a pro-rata payment depending on the day of the month your submission is received, thereafter you will be liable for making payment every 30-days until the submission is cancelled. Payment methods will be via monthly card payment or debit order. Any other form of payment will have to be approved by Search SA or the Search SA Agency.

To cancel your website submission or any debit order / debit instructions on your bank account, you may do so only in writing with a 1-month (30-days) paid notice. All cancellation notices can be e-mailed via this link.

To remove or change information already indexed must be requested via this link.

If you accept these terms & conditions, click on the line below to submit...

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