ER24 Paramedics attended this accident scene.


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Rescue Care Paramedics attended this accident scene.


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10 people injured as vehicle overturns on Fields Hill, Pinetown

Ten people have sustained various injuries after the vehicle they were in overturned going up fields hill on the M13 West bound just before 7am this morning.

Rescue Care and other services arrived on the scene to find that the vehicle had come to rest on its roof. Multiple patients with injuries ranging from minor to serious were found lying on the busy freeway.

More ambulances and Advanced Life support units were dispatched to the scene to assist. Once all of the injured had been stabilised on the scene they were transported to various Durban Hospitals for the further care that they required.

At this stage it is unclear what caused the single vehicle to overturn however the necessary authorities were on scene and will be investigating further.

Garrith Jamieson, Operations Director

Ten injured in collision between Taxi and Bus in Albertville Johannesburg

Ten people were injured this morning when a bus and a taxi collided with each other at the corners of Twist and Short Streets in Albertville, Johannesburg.

Shortly after 6am paramedics arrived on the scene where they found all of the patients on the side of the road. It is understood that the bus crashed into the back of the taxi.

Ten people were found with minor to moderate injuries that ranged from scrapes to bruises. Some patients sustained possible soft tissue injuries.

The patients were transported by various services to Helen Joseph and Garden City Hospitals.

No one sustained any serious injuries. The exact cause for the collision is not yet known.

ER24 Spokesperson