Fire At Music Festival Destroys 422 Cars, Forces Evacuation Of 4,000 People


About four thousand people were on Wednesday taken as a precaution, the festival grounds "Wanderings" because of the fire that destroyed hundreds of vehicles in the car parks, told Lusa the district operational commander of Portalegre.

The district commander of relief operations, Belo Costa, indicated no personal injury record, but "huge material losses", with hundreds of damaged cars in Castelo de Vide.

"They were four thousand people in the room, which were taken as a precaution," said Belo Costa, stressing that the emergency plan of the festival has been triggered and that "worked"


Exploding car

Belo Costa, district commander of Portalegre Relief Operations, said that the fire might have been caused by an "explosion in a vehicle" at the park. 

Carlos Guerra, Portugese National Civil Protection Authority,  said: "The fire started in a vehicle and spread rapidly to other vehicles and then to the surrounding bush." 


Video: Fire Destroying 422 Cars