VoiceAlert Wireless Early Warning System


What are Voice Alert Security Systems ?

The Voice Alert Alarm Systems are wireless Early Warning Alarm (Security) Systems that are able to detect intrusions & activities to your indoor/outdoor perimeter ...  and then provide you with a detailed voiced message or sms.

Wireless (infrared) outdoor or indoor security beams (sensors) are positioned around your property in up to six (6) zones (areas).

Perfect for homes, businesses & farms!

As soon as the outdoor security beams (sensors) detect intrusions to any of the six (6) zones (areas), a voice-recorded message (or sms) will identify WHERE on your property the threat is coming from.

Also - have a look at our Vibration Switch. This handy switch can be attached to anything that is not suppose to move. If it moves you will immediately be informed!

VoiceAlert Pretoria is based in Queenswood, Pretoria, but as the Voice Alert Security Alarm Systems are easy to install (DIY Security System), you can buy a system and set up the perimeter intrusion detection units yourself.

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And, the shocking reality-check is this; the line between a simple robbery and an aggravated assault is a very thin one.

How VoiceAlert Works

The moment a VoiceAlert sensor detects an intruder (outdoors or indoors), it instantly transmits a radio pulse and the VoiceAlert’s Base Unit inside the house, responds by playing the voice warning (in your OWN pre-recorded voice) for each zone.

The net effect is that intruders unwittingly ‘announce’ themselves, telling you precisely which zone that they have trespassed.

With the ‘guess-work’ removed from a situation, you are in control to identify the threat and immediately take action – hit the panic button, avoid or confront the intruder(s), lock doors, arm yourself, etc. etc.

VoiceAlert: Receiver & Sensor Benefits

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