Cape Town Family almost lost their lives when they run out of fuel on R300

Father fights off knife-wielding robbers after family’s car stalls without petrol on highway. Getting stuck on the R300 nearly cost this young father and his family their lives.

Aneez Jacobs, who was travelling with his 19-year-old wife and six-month-old baby, says he ran out of petrol on the notorious highway near Delft, before three knife-wielding men robbed him. The 20-year-old father says is also angry at the authorities – he claims he tried to flag down threepolice vans as well as a Metro police vehicle, who all ignored his calls for help.

“They don’t care. What do we pay tax money for?” asked the upset dad. The family from Belhar was en route to visit Aneez’s parents in Strandfontein on Monday night. Just after 6pm, his VW Golf ran out of petrol, and he called a friend to come and assist.

He says 20 minutes into the wait, while they were trying to flag someone down to help, three men approached them. 

“I told my wife to get in the car and I rolled it back off the [N2 flyover] bridge, but they followed us. I had my wife lock herself in the car as one guy came across the road,” he says.

“The guy asked me if I knew how dangerous it was to get stuck there, whether I’ve called the police and if someone was on their way to help us

Aneez says he answered the man truthfully and didn’t suspect any danger. The trio returned and threatened Aneez with a knife. “I told my wife to take the baby and run. She ran into oncoming traffic, trying to get help,” he says.


Meanwhile, he was fighting off the knife-wielding thug. “He kept on stabbing at me, while the other two watched. I think this guy was being initiated into a gang. I had already gotten the wheel brace and started hitting him when I realised he wanted to go after my wife.”

Fortunately Aneez was not wounded, but his jacket has six stab holes. And he managed to keep the attacker away from his family. “We would fight and then he would run after her again. Nobody stopped to help us. What is the world coming to?” Aneez asks.

He says the gang ran away after the thug managed to grab his wallet. “My wife and child could have been killed and everyone on that road would have been as responsible as the officers who drove past us.”

Asked if he has laid a charge with police, he says: “How can they help me [now]? They just drove on, no matter how much I waved. I have no faith in the police.”

Alderman JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, said Law Enforcement officers have a duty to help stranded motorists requiring assistance.

“If this was not done in this case, residents are encouraged to please report the matter to the City so that we can investigate and action can be taken.”

Stranded motorists are urged to call 107 or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone, or on Twitter @pecc107.

SAPS didn’t respond to queries.

Credit source: Saafia February, Daily Voice

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