Wealthiest People in South Africa

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Nicky Oppenheimer – R93.7 Billion
($6.8 Billion / €6.21 Billion)

Born Nicholas Oppenheimer is a the wealthiest man in South Africa. Born the son of wealthy mining tycoon Harry Oppenheimer, Nicky (Nicholas) Oppenheimer would go on to continue the family business with an emphasis on education and multiply his family’s billions.

Nicky Oppenheimer joined the London based Anglo American (worlds largest platinum mining coming and a company his father was Chairman of the Board of Directors) in 1968 and was quickly promoted to director in 1974. Like his grandfather and father before him Nicholas Oppenheimer would become Chairman of De Beers Group (once the worlds largest diamond producer) in 1985.

His family fortune controlled a 40% stake in the company. According to Bloomberg Oppenheimer, in what some might consider a conflict of interest, sold his 40% interest in De Beers to Anglo American (a company in which he was on the board of directors) for $5.1 billion.

Date of Birth: June 1945
Education: Oxford
Net Worth: R93.7 Billion (source: Forbes)
Companies: Anglo American / De Beers


Christo Wiese – R94.5 Billion
($6.9 Billion / €6.27 Billion)

With a fluctuating net worth Christoffel Wiese is sometimes the wealthiest man in South Africa. A child working class parents, Wiese excelled in education receiving his BA nad LLB from the prestigious Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

After practicing law for several years Wiese started his career as an entrepreneur launching a Pepkor (a discount chain clothing chain his parents had helped found: Forbes) store in the country of Zambia.

Wiese is currently the Chairman of Brait SE, an investment firm Wiese uses to make corporate sales and acquisitions most notably Virgin Active health clubs based in London for £682 (R14.27 Billion/ $1 Billion)

Date of Birth: 10 September 1941
Education: University of Stellenbosch
Net Worth: R94.5 Billion
Companies: Pepkor / Shoprite Holdings / Invicta Holdings


Johann Rupert – R90.3 Billion
($6.6 Billion / €6 Billion)

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