South Africa Motorists can expected a Huge Drop in the Petrol Prices in August 2016.

“The mid-month data sees petrol poised for a drop of up to 83 cents a litre, with diesel set for a reduction of 45 cents and illuminating paraffin around 42 cents a litre down,” the AA said in a statement.

It was commenting on unaudited mid-month data released by the Central Energy Fund.


"After initially weakening in the wake of the UK referendum result in late-June, the rand has since strengthened steadily," the AA said. "At the same time, international petroleum prices have retreated on concerns over economic uncertainty following the vote. As a result, fuel prices are showing favourable gains."

Despite this positive picture, predicting the likely position at the end of July remains complex, the AA said. "The underlying trend has been towards higher fuel prices over the past months as the rand weakened and international oil prices climbed. “It is not yet clear what effect recent events will have on this trend, and it would be premature to assume it has been disrupted," it said.

"Accordingly, we advise motorists to maintain a conservative approach, and not take on additional expenses in the expectation of sustained fuel price drops," it said.

Motorists have endured a series of petrol price hikes since the year started. This month petrol increased by 11 cents per litre, while diesel went up by up to 42c/l.

Last month the pump price of petrol increased by 52 c/l for all grades, while diesel went by a whopping 76c/l.


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