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This must not be on your resume

There are certain things that go on your resume and certain things that should be saved for the interview.

One of those things that should not go on your CV is why you quit your last job.



While you’ll certainly have to talk about your previous employment, don’t talk about why you left your last job, or about why you’re looking to leave if you haven’t done so already. Some potential employers will ask about this during the interview process.

Others will ask about it in a more informal way after they’ve hired you. Either way, you shouldn’t volunteer any information before you need to.


IF YOU'RE LOOKING to leave your current job, it means you’re unhappy there for some reason or another. If, on the other hand, you’ve already left your old job, without having secured a new one, it shows you really wanted to get out of there.

Whether you were fired or you quit, there’s a lot of explaining to be done, and your CV isn’t the place to do it. Your resume is meant to showcase your skills and your potential, not to get the reader thinking about your last failed professional relationship, so to speak, so it’s better to keep the story - whatever it might be - to yourself until you’re further in the hiring process.


FOR EXAMPLE: If your resume says that you left your previous position on good or great terms with your employer, but it also says that you haven’t had a job since, it will bring up certain questions. Interviews tend to get lengthier as you move along the hiring process, but they’re very brief at first, so you wouldn’t want to waste all the time you have to talk yourself up by explaining what happened with your last job.


JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Up until now, if your Resume had this information included and none of your interviews were successful... Maybe it's time to remove that information. What do you have to lose? Perhaps it's time to approach your rinterviews strategically & prepared, without any complicated information that might just cost you your next job...

Good Luck!