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Worst Paying Jobs in South Africa

We take a look at the lowest-paying jobs in South Africa.

Worst paying jobs in SA

Salaries in South Africa was the focus of a recent Wits School of Economic and Business Sciences report, which stated that a national minimum wage must be established in the country.

South Africa does not have a determined national minimum wage, rather sectoral minimum wages.

Currently, the average minimum wage across private-sector bargaining councils is R2,731, and R2,362 across all the sectoral determinations.

According to research by the CSID, though, the average monthly salary in South Africa is well above the aforementioned minimum wages – sitting at R8,669.

However, 50% of workers earn below R3,640 per month.

According to data collected by the, the lowest monthly minimum wages set by the government are:


Lowest Monthly Minimum Wages

Security Guard: R1,805
Domestic Worker: R1,813
Taxi Sector: R1,991
Forestry Sector: R2,430
Wholesale and Retail: R2,514

According to the same data, the lowest monthly minimum wages in the private sector are:


Lowest Monthly Minimum Wages

Cosmetology and Hairdressing: R1,809
Hospitality: R2,796
Metal and Engineering: R3,992
Transport: R4,284
Mining: R5,787

Skilled employees

While the jobs mentioned above hold the lowest minimum wages in SA, they do present opportunities for salary growth if an employee gains experience.

Skilled employees in the transport and logistics sector, for example, can earn between R10,000 and R40,000 per month – according to Career Junction’s latest Salary Review report.

Not all skilled employees earn tens of thousands a month, though, with certain “admin and support” positions paying experienced workers a salary of just over R5,000.

We looked at the salary ranges of jobs analysed in Career Junction’s latest report – finding the lowest-paying jobs for skilled employees in SA.

Lowest Paying Jobs in SA

Admin, Office and Support - Teller and Cashier

R5,651 – R6,489

Admin, Office and Support - Reservation and Ticketing Clerk

R6,909 – R8,283

Sales - Telesales and Telemarketing

R8,266 – R11,653

Admin, Office and Support - Switchboard and Reception

R8,316 – R10,552

Admin, Office and Support - Data Capturing

R8,851 – R10,261

Design, Media and Arts - TV/Video/Movie Operator

R9,061 – R14,916

Admin, Office and Support - Messenger and Postal Service

R9,227 – R11,087

Admin, Office and Support - Admin Clerk

R9,245 – R12,583

Admin, Office and Support - Client and Customer Support

R9,677 – R11,411

Sales - Travel Agent

R9,700 – R13,587

Manufacturing and Assembly - Plant and Systems Operator

R9,770 – R15,167

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