Baby Rescued From Dumpster At Ndlovini, Malengeni

KZN Department of Health’s Emergency Medical Service, Umzinto base attended this accident scene.


Paramedics from the KZN Department of Health’s Emergency Medical Service, Umzinto base, have rescued a new-born baby who had been thrown into a dumpster at Ndlovini, Malengeni, south of Scottburgh.

Advanced Life Support paramedic team Mr Lindani Chagi and his crewmate Mr Kwazi Sibiya, responded to the call. When they arrived on scene they found the police, who had just arrived, and a large crowd of by standers that had gathered.

The paramedics were shocked to find out that the call was actually for a baby that had been abandoned after birth in a dumpster. The baby boy was in respiratory distress.

The fully developed new-born baby, who was wrapped in a bloody T-shirt, was weak and cold. Mr Chagi and Mr Sibiya immediately started treating the small baby. They claimed and cut the umbilical cord, wrapped the baby in a blanket and started to clean and warm him.

They assessed him and found that he was actually in good health, despite being left in the dumpster from before dawn. As he started to warm up he started to cry and move more.

Mr Chagi said he was relieved that the baby was stable and his priority, after confirming the baby was in a stable condition, was to get him to hospital, where he could be warmed further and cared for in a controlled environment.

The baby was transported to hospital in a Departmental obstetrics/neonatal ambulance. He was escorted to hospital by the woman who had first heard him cry and called for help.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances surrounding the abandonment of the baby.