Busy 24 Hours For Emergency Services In A Flooded Kwa-Zulu Natal

Emergency services have had a busy 24 hours. Starting with snow yesterday morning and then flooding in the afternoon and evening.

At this stage fortunately no fatalities have been confirmed as a result of the flooding which affected areas in the Ilembe district down into the Ugu district.


Several rescues were performed when cars were washed away due to the flood waters. One such incident was on the south coast where a family of 3 were swept off a bridge.

Them had to swim several km down river to find a place to safety get out of the water. There is still intermittent showers in KZN and people are urged to still be cautious.

When driving slow down and increase following distances. Leave early for work or appointments. Also do not try and drive though large pools of water or over flooded bridges.

Report any emergencies to 10177

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