Last Night, 3 People Died In A Collision North Of Pretoria

ER24 Paramedics attended this accident scene.


ER24 is an Emergency Medical Service providing efficient, effective emergency response and pre-hospital care.

Contact: 084-124

Three people died when a collision between two vehicles occurred, just before midnight on the R80 (Mabopane Highway), close to Bremer Street North of Pretoria.

ER24 paramedics arrived on scene and found one car on its roof about 20 metres off the road in the veld and the other on its wheels and about 50 metres into the veld.

Four people, believed to have been ejected, were found lying several metres away from the vehicles. Upon assessment it was found that a woman had already died.

A man and another woman died while paramedics were on scene. There was nothing that could be done to save them. A man with multiple injuries was found to be in a critical condition.

This patient was treated and airlifted to hospital by a private emergency service that was activated to the scene. There were at least three people who sustained minor injuries. They were transported to hospital by other services.

The exact cause of the incident is unknown. Authorities were on scene for further investigations.


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