Fiddy Share Online Opportunity – Scam or Legit?

Obviously you have heard about this program and now you are wondering if Fiddy Share is a scam or legit opportunity to make money online.

Well you came to the right place because in my Fiddy Share Review I will be going over all of the facts about this program so that you can make an informed decision.

When it comes to online marketing and making money online, there are so many programs out there and if you don't do your research, you could waste your time and even your money.

Since there are so many, I suggest you go through my whole Fiddy Share Review so that you can be sure before chosing what's best for you.


Fiddy Share Review

Website: FiddyShare
Name: Fiddy Share
Owner: Frederick Spears
Type: Online Marketing Program
Price: $50

What is Fiddy Share?

Let me guess. Some how you came across Fiddy Share on Facebook? That's because it is a Online Marketing program that primarily targets Facebook.

The creator of Fiddy Share is a man name Frederick Spears who is the CEO of a company called I Wanna Be Rich™.

The product that Fiddy Share's offers are "marketing tools", which in the case of Fiddy Share is a promotional link/referral link/affiliate link.

What is a Promotional Link?

  • For those of you that already know, I am sorry, but I want to be as thorough as possible for this Fiddy Share Review.
  • And for the people that are new to the online marketing world, I will briefly explain.
  • A promotional link is you're own personal link that directs people to the online program that you are affiliated with.

How Do You Make Money with Fiddy Share?

So if someone did contact you on Facebook, they probably told you to click on their link. Some of the most common attraction is for example: "Click my Link & I will be earning $50."

That's their own personal promotional link that they received when they joined the Fiddy Share program.

When you sign up & pay $50 for the "marketing tools", you will receive your own personal promotional link that you can promote on different social media platforms, websites, forums, etc.

If someone clicks on your link, you are supposed to receive $50.

That's where the "Fiddy" comes from, as in FIFTY dollars.

How Much Does Fiddy Share Cost?

So in order to join the program and make an account on Fiddy Share, it's absolutely free. That being said, if you want to be able to make money, you have to pay $50 to purchase the "marketing tools"

Digging a Little Deeper

After taking a look at the FiddyShare Facebook page, I noticed that in the "About" description it said that you will receive "Fiddy Dollar" I.O.U's..

This confused me because the person that approached me said that I would receive $50 cash directly deposited into my PayPal account.

There were also several conflicting post's from Frederick Spears (the owner) claiming that you will make $50/click, not Fiddy Dollar I.O.U's.

Is it $50/Click or a Fiddy Dollar I.O.U per Click? 

Before joining,  I decided to find out more about how it works. After looking deeper into the Fiddy Share website, it turns out the $50 dollar payments aren't instant and you will receive "Fiddy Share I.O.U's" as a placeholder.

When a sale is made, a member of FiddyShare should receive payment for one of their I.O.U's. That means that you are simply put on a waiting list and will receive payment when it's your turn.

Fiddy Share Member Experiences

In order to find out how legit FiddyShare is we have to get an inside look and see if member's actually receive direct payment or I.O.Us.

And If they receive I.O.U's, will they eventually get paid for them?

It turns out that there were members who were confused about why they weren't receiving direct payments


Members were frantically asking about when they were actually going to receive their I.O.U payments.

When You Receive Your I.O.U Payment

The owner doesn't give a specific time frame of when you will receive your payment, but he does promise you that the I.O.U's will not expire as long as the domain is registered.

The funny thing about that is you can always unregister your domain, it just might require a small fee, but it would only be a small portion of the $50 you paid.

Fiddy Share Review Conclusion

Frederick Spears is just preying on people who have little knowledge about internet marketing, and what don't know what it actually entails. He even mentions who he is targeting on his website…

I'm not sure if he spelt "enabled" wrong because he threw this site together in minutes or to protect himself.


Even though FiddyShare is a scam, don't lose hope! There is many online opportunities that really works.


Don't look twice at FiddyShare, unless you're willing to work for free. STAY AWAY!

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