ER24 Paramedics attended this accident scene.


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Collision-into-a-Collision: Eight Injured in Multiple Collisions, Germiston

Eight people have been injured this morning after two collisions on the M2 East-bound near the N3 split in Germinston.

ER24 paramedics responded to the scene and arrived at 07h20. Upon arrival, paramedics found that a light motor vehicle had rear-end a taxi, both in the middle of the road.


On assessment, paramedics found that five people had been injured in the collision. Fortunately, the injuries sustained were only minor.

While treating the patients, a secondary collision occurred involving three light motor vehicles.

On assessment, paramedics found that all three drivers had sustained minor injuries.

Paramedics treated all the patients and thereafter transported them to nearby hospitals for further treatment.

Local authorities were on scene for further investigations.

Russel Meiring, ER24 Spokesperson

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