A Godly Miracle happened in front of doctor after a Durban man was shot 14 times.


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    Hello everyone.

    I want to testify how great our God is. About three months ago, my brother radically repented and gave his life to Christ, after he lived a life filled with drugs, prostitution, murder, stealing and pornography.

    He is doing great work for the Lord with evangelist Marc Ellis. But the devil hates him and tried to steal his life.

    This morning (7 Sept 2016) in Durban, my brother was shot 14 times.

    My brother says that he immediately forgave them and started to pray in tongues. He said he was ready to go and suddenly he feeling of calmness overwhelmed him.

    He was taken to a Doctor to stabilize while waiting for an ambulance. While the Doctor and he's staff attended to his wounds a Godly Miracle happened.

    Suddenly, while the Doctor and staff members were busy treating him, they could not find the bullet holes and my brother stopped bleeding. After an hour, he stood up and he could go home.

    The Muslim Dr. and his entire team were saved. Jesus has big plans for his life. I send the pictures together.

    All Glory to God . Praise his wonderful name.

    Hi to give you powerful the purpose of my brother's testimony is to glorify God, it's not the first time that he had been shot but the first time that God has done a phenomenal miracle to save his life.

    I posted the pictures of where he was shot, and the doctor's office where they helped him afterwards. The bullet shells is believed to be from a 9mm pistol. Durban gangsters's modus operandi is not to shoot rubber bullets or with paintball guns.

    The two suspects were arrested and according to police, the suspects are also wanted for several other murders and robberies.

    The doctor's report, I will post once the police have finished. I'm not going to convince anyone that God did a miracle, we testify and give Jesus all the Honor and Glory for my brother's life.

    Whether some of you don't believe it, doesn't make it less true. Praise God!!!

    SAPS News