Mother leaves baby in car for more than an hour while doing shopping.

Parking at Blue Downs Shoprite Centre


Allegedly, a Cape Town mother left her newborn baby (probably between 4 – 6 months old) alone in the car for more than an hour, while the mom is doing shopping.

This happened earlier on Wednesday afternoon at the Blue Downs Shoprite Centre. Another woman who was also visiting the centre, were parking her vehicle.

As she got out of here car, she saw the baby sitting in a baby-chair, on the front passenger seat.

After looking around to see where the parents of the baby are, she realized that the baby was left in the car, all alone. The woman informed the police of the situation and minutes later, they arrived at the centre.

The woman said that she and the police officers were standing next to the vehicle, trying to calm the baby down from crying, for more than an hour.

Eventually, the mother came out of the centre, after doing her shopping, and she was bluntly rude and said she don’t see anything wrong with this situation.

"The Police, on the other hand, just stood there without saying a word. When I asked them to wait by the car while I go into shoprite to get her called on the intercom, the police man rather called the security guard to stand by the car because they were going off duty anytime soon."

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Baby Rescued from dumpster: