Sadly a Biker was killed on Saturday afternoon in a collision in Roodepoort on Ontdekkers Road.



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A motorbike rider, believed to be in his late twenties or early thirties, was killed on Ontdekkers Road near Beacon Street in Florida North, Roodepoort.

At approximately 3pm this afternoon, paramedics from ER24 arrived on the scene where they found the rider lying a few meters away from his bike. It appeared as if he collided into the side of a garbage vehicle in a nearby service road.


ER24’s paramedics immediately assessed the rider and found that he had a very weak pulse. While attending to him he went into cardiac arrest and paramedics initiated CPR.

Sadly, despite all the efforts of paramedics on the scene they could not revive the rider. He sustained multiple injuries. He was later declared dead on the scene.

The scene was handed over to Johannesburg Metro Police to conduct an investigation into the exact cause of the collision.

Werner Vermaak, ER24 Spokesperson