Taxi Collision On The New Greytown Road After Multiple Vehicle Overtaking

ER24 Paramedics attended this accident scene.


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ER24 paramedics and Fire and Rescue extricated a taxi driver and a conductor from the vehicle they were in following a collision with two cars on the R33 in Copesville near Pietermaritzburg earlier today.

ER24 paramedics as well as other services were on scene.

Upon assessment of the taxi driver and conductor, it was found that they sustained injuries ranging from moderate to serious.

They and four other people, from the cars, who sustained minor injuries were treated and transported to hospital for further medical care.

Reports from the scene indicate that two light motor vehicles were traveling in the same direction; a mini bus allegedly was overtaking both vehicles and firstly collided with the cars before rear-ending the truck. Exact detail however will remain a subject for police investigation.